40 undocumented Malawians repatriated from Mozambique

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

The spokesman for the Mozambique Migration Provincial Services of the country's central Manica province, (SENAMI), Jorge Machava says his department will repatriate 40 Malawi citizens who entered the country illegally with an intention to cross to neighboring South Africa, APA can report.

"The 40 Individuals who were transported on a bus arrested early on Tuesday in Vandúzi district already on their way to South Africa via the Machipanda border which links Mozambique and Zimbabwe".

Machava told APA via telephone from the provincial capital Chimoio on Tuesday.

The official added that Malawian citizens entered the country through credentials purported to be on a religious mission in Mozambique.

When quizzed, according to Machanva, "they reveal their real intention and the only solution for us is to repatriate them".

Migration authorities say they will continue to work to prevent Mozambique from being the corridor for illegal immigration.

Mozambique has seen a high number of illegal immigrants in the last few years, many en route to neighbouring South Africa, the richest economy in Africa.


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