About 250,000 Moroccans to benefit from “Awrach” employment program

APA - Rabat (Morocco)

Nearly 250,000 people should benefit in 2022 and 2023, from “Awrach,” a program being finalized to allow young people to enjoy temporary employment, the Minister of Employment, Younes Sekkouri, said on Thursday at the Council of Government.

Deputy Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, also Government Spokesman Mustapha Baitas, told a press briefing at the end of the Council of Government said that the government has allocated a budget of 2.25 billion dirhams to “Awrach” for the year 2022 and this, as part of its action to support young people out of the labor market and facilitate their economic integration.

The 125,000 jobs created in 2022 will be temporary jobs, in particular to provide income to people heavily impacted by the pandemic. This is, as he said, an ambitious figure. “We are in an advanced phase in terms of operational and procedural organization,” but the complete circuit has not yet been locked. It will be after the multiple meetings planned with the various partners.

According to the Minister, “this program is aimed at graduates and non-graduates, especially those who have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. All categories of people are concerned, and none is excluded,” he added.

For him, it is necessary to insist on the need “to take into consideration the gender and to include women, while studying the activities to which they can work.” Regarding the types of jobs and sectors targeted, he stressed that “the creation of these jobs will be based on the needs of each region. There must be employers who express needs in given sectors.”

Under the program “Forsa” for the support of youth initiatives, “12,500 self-entrepreneurs will receive support from the ministry for the creation of their businesses,” the minister said, adding that “the number of young people accompanied so far, which is 3,000 annually, will be multiplied by four. “This support consists of training and guidance to structure projects and develop them, from design to implementation, thanks to loans of honor capped at 100,000 DH, repayable over ten years maximum.” “The support must however be of quality,” he added, recalling “the failure of some previous similar experiences due to a problem of self-financing, poor management or other. The ideas are there but sometimes they don’t work for this or that reason.”


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