Banjul: Report on Jammeh's dealings presented to successor

APA-Banjul (The Gambia)

The final report by a commission into the financial dealings of erstwhile Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has been delivered to his successor in Banjul on Friday.

The commission was set up shortly after President Barrow assumed office two years ago to look into the nature and extent of Jammeh’s financial activities during the entire 22 years he was the country’s leader.

The commission’s chair lawyer Surahata Janneh presented the 1,600-page report to President Barrow at a ceremony in State House in the Gambian capital.

After receiving the report President Barrow described the commission as an integral part of sweeping reforms being undertaken by his government with a view to righting the wrongs of the past under Jammeh.

He extolled the commissioners for living up to their remit, hailing their accomplishment as pivotal in the reform process.

Barrow said with its recommendations, the report will serve as a substantial guide on how to avoid the witting and unwitting mistakes of the Jammeh era and consolidate accountability and transparency for protecting the nation’s wealth, and instilling financial discipline among public servants.

The Gambian leader has instructed the Justice ministry  to review the report with a view to taking appropriate action without fear or favour.

A statement from State House says the nine-volume report traces former president Jammeh’s intricate web of financial activities to sophisticated international transactions bearing “all the hallmarks of criminality and money laundering aided by his close associates.”


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