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    Benin MPs back Moroccan bid to join ECOWAS

    APA-Rabat (Morocco)

    The National Assembly in Benin has backed Morocco’s request to join the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS),

    Speaking in Rabat on Monday, parliament speaker Adrien Houngbedji said: “Just as the (Benin) government did, we (parliament of Benin) welcome the willingness expressed by Morocco to join ECOWAS”.

    Houngbedji was speaking to journalists after meeting Moroccan Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Nasser Bourita.

    “Morocco has expressed a structured will that proves that the Kingdom has every reason to want to join ECOWAS,” Houngbedi continued, adding that Morocco is “an African country that develops an investment policy in West Africa.”

    According to the speaker, “it is necessary to concretize free circulation. This policy deserves to be better received and better supported,” he declared.

    Regarding his talks with Bourita, Speaker Houngbedji said they focused on Morocco’s desire to join ECOWAS.


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