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    Benin rejects abolition of public servants' right to strike

    APA-Cotonou (Benin)

    The constitutional court in Benin has rejected a new law passed by the National Assembly on December 28, 2017 which abolished the right of public servants in health and judicial institutions to go on strike.

    In a judgment delivered Thursday evening by the 28-member court, it asked the National Assembly to reconsider the law, asserting that the right to strike cannot be denied the workers of the institutions mentioned, since to go on strike “is a constitutionally acquired right which must be protected and not suppressed”.

    In fact, said the court, new provisions of the Law on the General Statute of the Civil Service and the withdrawal of the right to strike by magistrates and health personnel contravene the constitution.

    Following the adoption by the National Assembly of the law denying them the right to strike, public sector workers have stopped work since Tuesday January 16, responding to the call of their trade union confederations.

    The aim is to denounce a law considered “liberticidal and detrimental to democratic principles”.


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