Bolloré to build 20 cinemas in Africa

APA-Brazzaville (Congo)

The Bolloré Group aims to build 20 cinemas in Africa, Philippe Labonne, the General Manager of the French group, has announced.

The group’s subsidiary Vivendi that specializes in film and music production and called “Canal Olympia” is charged with establishing a network of 7th art and entertainment on the continent.

Philippe Labonne was speaking at the inauguration, on Wednesday in Brazzaville, of his first cinema and performance venue “Canal Olympia.” With a capacity of 300 seats, the infrastructure was built in the heart of the 3rd Poto-Poto district in Brazzaville.

“After Brazzaville, the Bolloré group plans to build other cinemas and theatres in Pointe-Noire (southern Congo) and Oyo (northern Congo). The group aims to deploy around twenty theatres in Africa and the pace of this deployment will adapt to the success of these theatres,” said Mr. Labonne.

For his part, the Congolese Minister of Culture, Dieudonné Moyongo, welcomed the Group’s initiative which, he said, “will enable Congolese people to return to cinemas more than three decades after their closure.”

Several members of the Congolese government and entertainment experts attended the inauguration ceremony of this first “eco-friendly” cinema. Indeed, it is equipped with Blue Solutions batteries powered by 400 solar panels.


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