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    Botswana: Another opposition political party formed

    APA-Gaborone (Botswana)

    Another opposition political party has been formed in Botswana as the country gears up for general elections set for 2019, APA learnt here Wednesday.

    Real Alternative Party (RAP) chairperson Gaontebale Mokgosi said his party “is a pro-socialism party seeking to advance the economic justice agenda with the aim to eradicate the social discrepancies, create a just social order, and ensure social security for its citizens.”

    He said RAP commits itself to building a formidable opposition to the anti-capitalist policies and agenda of neo-liberalism.

    “RAP further commits itself to bring groups otherwise excluded from power into the decision making process and guard against elitism and its attitude of dominance. The basis of forming the Real Alternative Party has been contradictions relating to sheer poverty and the quality of workers social existence,” said Mokgosi.

    He said the birth of RAP was necessitated by political incompetency in the existing political parties, whose power is solely vested in narrow elites.

    “The scenario of elitism has time and again led into conflicts and the fight for power within the opposition block, conversely resulting into disappointment and frustration of Batswana. As a result RAP has been formed not to perpetuate the status quo but instead to be different in approach and strategy,” said Mokgosi.

    The formation of RAP comes on the heels of another recently formed opposition movement, the Alliance for Progressives, late last year.

    Botswana, which has a population just over two million, currently has nine political parties.



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