Botswana experiencing climate change effects – Minister

APA-Gaborone (Botswana)

Botswana has started experiencing climate change effects that have the potential to cause extreme harm to its citizens, infrastructure and the environment, a senior government official said Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion of the Sixth Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction taking place in Switzerland, Botswana’s Assistant Minister of Presidential Affairs Ronald Shamukuni revealed that extreme weather events have been on a sharp increase in the country, “particularly heat waves and earth tremors”.

“These pose challenges since we have to face up to the new threats by coming up with relevant contingency plans, resources and capacities to deal with the shocks posed by these hazards,” Shamukuni said.

He cited Cyclone Dineo that ravaged the country in 2017, causing extensive damage to infrastructure.

He said the losses and costs associated with disasters are considerable and a succession of these disasters has the capacity to make Batswana more vulnerable, and eventually culminate in major disasters.


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