Botswana: Mozambique’s ex-leader's museum nearing completion

APA-Gaborone (Botswana)

Former Mozambican President Samora Michele’s Memorial Museum under construction in Lobatse, about 75 kilometres from the capital Gaborone will be completed this year after encountering contractual delays, APA learned here Friday.

State  run Dailynews reported that Mozambique Minister of Culture and Tourism,  Silva Armando Dunduru, explained during a tour of the project site that  construction was at 75 per cent. He said that the museum would be  inaugurated this year. 

“The position is positive, there is not much to be worried about. We  think that we have to constantly visit the place where the museum is  being built so that we report back to the people of Mozambique. The  project is not only for the government, but also for the people of  Mozambique,” Dunduru was quoted as saying. 

The  museum is financed by the government of Mozambique, and is being built  on the former homestead of a family in Lobatse which had given Machel  accommodation during his country’s fight for liberation. 


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