Botswana: Putting wildlife beneficiation to the test

APA-Gaborone (Botswana)

Botswana has resolved to commit itself to ensuring that more locals have a major stake in the country's wildlife economy, President Mokgweetsi Masisi said Tuesday.

Addressing  reporters in the capital Gaborone, Masisi said that Botswana which  participated at the just ended wildlife economic summit in neighbouring  Zimbabwe has resolved to place people especially citizens at the centre of her wildlife economy. 

"We will also double our  efforts in inclusion through the resuscitation of Community Based  Natural Resource Management(CBNRM). We had lapsed in our assurances to communities in the wildlife economy.  We will continuously  engage our communities and that will be guided by our principle of  consultation," Masisi promised. 

He said it is important for the government systems to assure the rights of all communities sharing habitat with wildlife. 

According  to Masisi, communities are instrumental in shaping policies and  conversations around beneficiation in the wildlife and natural resources  centre. 

"We are going to accelerate our commitment to ensuring community engagement in CBNRM," said Masisi. 

One  of the community representative who attended the summit, Wallican Sarah  said they were confident that Masisi has endorsed their aspirations but called on him and other African leaders to walk the talk. 

"As  communities sharing habitat with wildlife, we should not be distant  observers. We should be involved when policies are formulated," he  said. 


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