Botswana steps up efforts to curb escalating rhino poaching


Botswana through the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism on Monday said it has taken a decesion to curb escalating rhino poaching incidents.

In a statement, the Ministry  said "this unfortunate situation on the country's rhino population has  continued with more rhinos being killed." 

According  to the Ministry "From October 2019 to date, 13 more rhinos have been  poached. This brings the number of rhinos poached since October 2018 to  31 rhinos with 23 being white rhinoceros and 8 black rhinoceros."

The  Ministry said the Government has considerably stepped up efforts to  address the poaching situation with interventions leading to recovery of  some horns and hunting weapons. 

"  During engagement with the poachers seven casualties occurred amongst  poachers who were resisting arrest. The Government will continue to do  all it can to ensure the protection of this iconic species, which was  reintroduced twice in Botswana," the Ministry said. 


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