Botswana: Zimbabwe citizens protest at embassy over fuel hike

APA-Gaborone (Botswana)

Zimbabwe citizens living in Botswana on Friday demonstrated at the country’s embassy in the capital Gaborone, in a protest against the Zimbabwean government’s decision to increase fuel prices by 150 percent.

They said they are protesting against the 150 percent fuel hike, because it affects their families back in Zimbabwe.

One Zimbabwean, Christopher Muchemwa, said the embassy called the police, adding that “the police realised that they do not have the authority to arrest us. One of the officials on behalf of the ambassador decided to speak to us after the police failed to arrest us. We came here peacefully; we are not here to damage here.”

The protesters said they were detained at the embassy for some hours without being given water or food. They said they would continue to demonstrate peacefully without provoking anyone.

“When the embassy saw the media crew arriving at the embassy offices, we were conveniently told to leave,” added Muchemwa.


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