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    Burkina Faso-Korea-Trade

    Burkina cuts trade ties with North Korea

    APA-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

    Burkina Faso has officially cut trade relations with North Korea, Foreign Minister Alpha Barry said, adding that the move is based on a resolution adopted by the United Nations.

    “From now on, all imports coming from North Korea are prohibited on the territory of Burkina Faso. The measure concerns all Burkinabè, but also nationals of other countries living in Burkina Faso,” the head of diplomacy in Ouagadougou said at a press conference on Tuesday.

    A UN resolution bans all commercial activities with North Korea, over its nuclear weapons programme.

    According to Barry, the volume of trade between the two countries stands at around CFA3 to 4 billion each year, with a peak of CFA21 billion in 2015.

    Burkina Faso’s imports from the Asian country include, among others, petroleum products, biomedical equipment and household appliances.


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