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Burkina has 157 radio stations - Minister

APA-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

A total of 157 radio stations of various types, covering the national territory, are listed in Burkina Faso, the Minister of Communication, Rémis Fulgance Dandjinou revealed on Thursday.

By Alban Kini 

“From October 25, 1959, when Radio Upper Volta (formerly known as Burkina Faso) began broadcasting, to 13 February 2020, 157 radio stations of various types cover the national territory and through the airwaves, ensure an informational and educational networking of all populations,” said Rémis Fulgance Dandjinou on the occasion of the 9th World Radio Day.

 The minister also recalled that “this February 13, 2020, the international community is celebrating the ninth edition of World Radio Day, under the theme: “We are diversity.”

“Radio remains the most frequent information resource in all countries, especially in developing countries” Mr. Dandjinou said.

 He explained that this is linked to its capacity to overcome major geographical, technological, economic and linguistic obstacles which, for some traditional or modern means of information and communication, seem almost insurmountable.

 “It is important for the Ministry of Communication and Relations with the Parliament to underline and welcome the dynamism of our media landscape marked by media pluralism, especially in the field of radio,” he noted.



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