CENA praises Senegalese spirit during elections

APA-Dakar (Senegal)

The National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA) in Senegal has praised what it called the “exemplary behavior” and “civic spirit” of Senegalese citizens during Sunday’s presidential election.

According to CENA, the exercise took place “in a general atmosphere of calm, peace and serenity.”

In a statement it said: “From the opening of the polling stations at 8 a.m. to their closure at around 6 p.m., citizens massively exercised their right to vote, confirming once again the commitment of Senegal and the Senegalese people to the principles of democracy”.

It paid “a strong tribute to the security forces, whose presence was visible in all polling centres,” and hailed the five candidates, their supporters and their representatives for the civic-mindedness and democratic spirit they all showed, allowing the counting of votes to take place in a calm and transparent manner.

“CENA finally welcomes the electoral observation missions that deployed committed and vigilant agents in the field who did not fail to draw the attention of the election management bodies to the dysfunctions they observed,” the statement added.


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