CFA5 billion allotted to improving CAR capital

APA-Bangui (Central African Republic)

This year’s operating budget for the capital of the Central African Republic has been set at CFA5 billion following a three-day meeting of the Bangui City Council.

According to the city's mayor, Emile Raymond Gros Nakombo, the budget will be put into operations after the discharge of the Ministry of Territory Administration, which is its supervisory department.

Nakombo stressed that this year’s budget is relying on the collection of some taxes with a view to undertaking a facelift of the city.

The mayor urged citizens to discharge their duties with a view to putting the city council in good stead to acquire financial resources to be used for investment purposes.

The Bangui Town Hall, whose main resources come from market taxes, lacks the wherewithal thanks to the closure of some business hubs due to insecurity.

The municipal council has moved to broaden its tax base to compensate for the lack of resources.


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