Cote d’Ivoire-Chad-Reconciliation

Chad studies Ivorian reconciliation blueprint

APA - Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire)

Appointed a month ago, the Chadian Minister of Reconciliation and Social Cohesion, Mr. Abderaman Koulamallah, is on a 72-hour fact-finding visit to Cote d’Ivoire to learn about the country’s national experience.

Abderaman Koulamallah held talks on Wednesday with his Ivorian counterpart, Mr. Kouadio Konan Bertin ‘KKB,’ Minister of Reconciliation and National Cohesion, at his office, in Plateau, the business center of Abidjan.

“I needed experience and we chose Cote d’Ivoire because you best fit the vision of reconciliation we have. Your commitment is unparalleled,” Abderaman Koulamallah said.

“The reconciliation project is not a foregone conclusion, but you are on the right track,” said the Chadian Minister of Reconciliation and Social Cohesion, who previously held the portfolio of the Ministry of Communication in his country.

In light of the Ivorian experience, the Chadian minister wants to heal the social divide in his country, both in spirit and in action. 

He announced the institution of a “National Day of Peace” in Chad on February 12.

Mr. Bertin Kouadio Konan welcomed this step, which is a sign of African integration, saying it "strengthens Cote d’Ivoire’s momentum and also puts pressure on it to do better and consolidate the achievements of this reconciliation and not to go backwards''.

Cote d’Ivoire experienced a serious post-election crisis in 2010-2011 that left more than 3,000 people dead according to official figures. 

Today, the country, the largest economic power in the UEMOA, has regained stability and peace thanks to a sustained dialogue between its political leaders. 


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