Chad: Int’l arrest warrant against Filipino scamming syndicate

APA-NDjamena (Chad)

Ndjamena has announced an international arrest warrant against a group of Filipinos for allegedly attempting to swindle the Chadian State.

Chad’s Minister of Justice, Professor Ahmat Mahamat Hassane claimed on Saturday that the kingpin of the group has been unmasked as Angel Ferdinand Marcos who claimed to be the illegitimate son of the late Filipino president Ferdinand Marcos.

The Justice minister identified his accomplices as Bria Garriote, Mark Henderson, Jelle Braaksma, Eliseo Bicaldo, Thomas Hand, Jeffrey Waugh, Attorney Enrico Barin and Marc de Schutter.

According to the minister, in November 2016 Angel Ferdinand Marcos had presented himself to the Chadian authorities as a representative of the Global Infrastructure Development and International Agency (GIDIFA).

He allegedly told the Chadians that GIDIFA was a specialized agency of the United Nations capable of helping Chad emerge from its serious budgetary crisis.

"Taking advantage of the difficult economic situation in our country, these criminals during a meeting on 14 November 2016 between their declared representative and the Chadian President, Idriss Déby, proposed a financing plan to the tune of $10 billion” the minister explained.

Mr. Hassane said it was later discovered that GIDIFA is a fictitious organization created and used "by a notorious international financial criminal called Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his accomplices.”

The minister warned that Marcos using his criminal enterprise, introduces himself as the illegitimate son of Ferdinand Marcos, the tenth President of the Philippines.

"Ferdinand Marcos’ name is also cited in other cases of economic crime, fraud, forgery with other countries including the United Arab Emirates, where he used the same modus operandi to scam his victims, most of whom are his own Filipino compatriots” the Justice minister explained.

A judicial investigation, he added, is currently underway as the Chadian government issued an international arrest warrant against Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his accomplices.

“Were it not for the caution exercised by our authorities, these criminals could have successfully carried out their criminal enterprise against the Chadian state” Professor Hassane said.


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