Chad says 11,000 Boko Haram fighters, 52 soldiers died in fierce battle

APA - Ndjamena (Chad)

Chad’s Army Operation dubbed “Anger of Boma” that was launched at the end of March against the terrorist sect Boko Haram in the islands of Lake Chad ended yesterday with 52 Chadian soldiers killed and a thousand terrorists neutralized, the Army said.

The Chadian Army (ANT) spokesman, Colonel Azem Bernandoua Agouna said that in eight days of fighting, Chad’s Defense and Security Forces has lost “52 soldiers, while 196 others were injured,” adding that on the side of the enemy, 1,000 terrorists were neutralized, 50 canoes destroyed and several individual and collective weapons recovered.

“The Defense and Security Forces, with courage and determination, routed the Boko Haram terrorists from the islands of Lake Chad. The terrorists are driven out of all the islands of the lake, the army spokesman the staff added.

Colonel Azem Agouna also said that Chadian soldiers are currently stationed deep on the islands of Niger and Nigeria, waiting for these friendly countries’ soldiers to take over.

The Operation against Boko Haram follows the attack on March 23 of jihadists of the Nigerian sect on the town of Boma, in which, about a hundred Chadian infantrymen were killed.


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