Chad: Some 2,000 ‘fake degree’ holders in civil service

APA-N’Djamena (Chad) By Adam Hassane Deye

The cabinet contracted by the Chadian government to investigate diplomas has released its mid-term report, which unmasked nearly 2,000 civil servants in possession of fake degrees, APA learned on Monday from sources at the payment unit of the Finance ministry.

The concerned agencies will be deprived of their salaries for March.

According to the same report, the malpractice was found in different government departments and state institutions most of them being in the ministries of Education, Health, Finance and Public Security.

According to the ministry of Finance, the suspension of the wages of holders of fake degrees would enable the state to save CFAF5 billion per year. 

However, trade union organizations indicate that the list of persons concerned will be published in order to give the opportunity to those whose names are listed mistakably, to defend themselves in front of the Redress Committee.


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