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    Chad: Trade union strike put on hold as negotiations continue

    APA-N'Djamena (Chad)

    The Chadian government and several trade union confederations on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding in N’Djamena, suspending a general strike to allow negotiations with workers to continue in an atmosphere of tranquility.

    The MoU was signed by the Chadian Minister of Civil Service and Social Dialogue, Abdelkérim Seid Bauche, the president of the National Social Dialogue Framework (CNDS), Ali Abbas Seitchi, and the representative of the trade union confederation, Mahamat Nasradine Moussa.

    These are made up of the Union of Trade Unions of Chad (UST), the Independent Confederation of Trade Unions of Chad (ICLS) and the National Syndicate of Superior Teachers and Researchers (SYN ECS).

    The two parties undertake to continue negotiations, giving priority to dialogue on the basis of mutual trust in order to examine the unresolved two-point demands namely, a decree governing the exercise of the right by public sector workers to go on strike and another decree reducing civil servant allowances to 50 percent.

    The government is also undertaking to ensure the timely payment of salaries, pensions of retirees, bonuses of teachers and researchers of higher education and the salaries of examiners of secondary school teachers and community teachers.

    Trade unions are demanding the government to notify them in the event of any difficulties.

    According to the MoU, the government also undertakes to set up a technical committee under the auspices of the CNDS to consider the demands.


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