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    Chadian President holds talks with opposition leader

    APA - Ndjamena (Chad)

    The opposition leader in Chad, Saleh Kebzabo was on Wednesday received at State House in Ndjamena by President Idriss Deby for talks about the situation in the country.

    Mr. Kebzabo told journalists after emerging from the meeting with Deby that he had requested to meet the Chadian leader in his capacity as head of the opposition.

    “A few days ago, I submitted a request for a meeting. The answer was immediately given to me. We discussed a wide-range of issues. But, I can already tell you that the national forum and the constitution have not been the subjects of our talks,” Kebzabo said.

    The opposition leader said he had reached an identity of views with President Deby that “a peaceful democracy is one of the solutions for our country.”

    He added: “Every stakeholder plays his role. We understood each other well on a number of issues. The truth has been said. Do not think that it has been obscured, that the president buttered me up and that I did the same. We told each other the truth and I think it was useful for the future of the country”.

    Mr. Kebzabo was on Tuesday, accused by some opposition parties of removing them from the list of members who should be part of the platform for dialogue.


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