Chadian student champions drone service technology

APA - Ndjamena (Chad) By Adam Hassane Deyé

Mahamat Issa Abakar, a young Chadian student in the fifth year of his Civil Engineering course, is the inventor of a so-called Drone-Tech, with an ambition to create drones committed to tasks related particularly to public works, agriculture and security.

“Drone-Tech’s mission is to manufacture drones equipped with multiple sensors and high-performance cameras in order to perform precision tasks by collecting and processing aerial data,” a young engineer, specializing in roads and structures at 2IE in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) told APA in an interview.

According to Mahamat Issa Abakar, his “drones are dedicated to precision tasks and transportation in the sectors of professional activities, especially for those who wish to specialize in driving drones, their studies and even their manufacture.”

Equipped with high-performance cameras and GPS modules, the devices manufactured by Issa are also targeting the land sector.

For their achievement, Mahamat Issa Abakar buys components, such as motors and the microcontroller, and then adds other key elements designed by him. 

These allow the collection of data according to the predefined field of application for each drone.

In order to perfect his invention, Mahamat Issa Abakar said he visited, as part of technological innovation and digital entrepreneurship, several countries of the continent, notably Tanzania in 2016 First African Great Challenge, Ethiopia and Kenya in 2017, then Rwanda in 2018 and finally Ghana in March 2019.”

The young engineer who says he has not yet “taken part in an international contest” through his start-up, says his basic idea “was to use drones in the civil and hydrological engineering, primarily to make topographic surveys of inaccessible areas, zones considered dangerous and also to follow the evolution of sites through aerial photography.”

It was during this research that “the issue of climate change, food security, homeland security and poor road conditions” got his attention, before being made to inform his whole approach.

 “That’s why I set up this start-up called Drone-Tech and whose goal is to contribute to improving the living conditions of the population,” Issa Abakar explained.

In the end, the drone is nothing but “a less expensive, efficient and effective decision tool allowing its users to have precision in their work in order to increase their income,” said Issaka who while waiting for funding to go beyond the phase of photo typing of its devices, is currently at an incubation stage with KeoLID Innovation Hub in Burkina Faso. 


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