Chad opposition threatens poll process boycott

APA-N'Djaména (Chad)

The New Opposition Front for Change (FONAC), the main coalition of the Chadian opposition, on Thursday in a statement, threatened to boycott the electoral process if its demands are not taken into account.

According to the statement signed by FONAC coordinator Ganghnon Mbaimbal Nadbang, the opposition made this threat after noting “with regret that the government has still not amended Decree 216 of February 21, 2019 appointing members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).”

On Tuesday, the National Framework for Policy Dialogue (CNDP) revealed in a statement the name of the President of the CENI, Kodi Mahamat, who was appointed by consensus. Rejecting this appointment, FONAC considers that Mahamat “is an activist of the MPS, the ruling party.”

“The democratic opposition has transmitted to the President of the Republic the list of parties, which in accordance with the relevant texts, must be representatives at the CENI,” Nadbang noted, adding that despite instructions from the Head of State asking the CNDP to correct irregularities, the President of this structure refused to comply.

Denouncing an abuse by the President of the CNDP, Mahamat Zene Bada, who is also Secretary General of the MPS, the FONAC coordinator accused him of engaging in “subterfuge” by seeking to “impose and appoint representatives of the opposition to the CENI.”


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