Chinese envoy wants travel to China halted temporarily

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

The Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Fu Jijun, has urged Liberians and Chinese nationals in Liberia wishing to travel to China to temporarily delay their trip until the Coronavirus epidemic is put under control.

Ambassador Fu said in a statement issued in Monrovia that as a result of the Coronavirus in China, tourist attractions and hotels in the city
have suspended large-scale activities, while libraries, museums and movie theatres have cancelled exhibitions and performances and as such people traveling to China at this time will encounter a lot of inconveniences.

The envoy, on behalf of the Chinese Government, extended his appreciation to the Government and people of Liberia and the
international community in Liberia for their kind sympathy, understanding and support to China as it fights the coronavirus

The Chinese Ambassador, however, pointed out that since the outbreak of the virus in early January in Wuhan, China, the country has taken several decisive measures in battling it.

According to him, China has been adopting a host of measures, including extending the Spring Festival holidays, delaying the start of the spring semester at colleges and schools and supporting working online to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and cure the affected patients.

He added that the Chinese government and people are making great efforts to bolster epidemic prevention and control in the country.

Ambassador Fu stated that China has been coordinating resources nationwide and prioritizing efforts to support Hubei and its capital city Wuhan with medical workers and resources such as medicines, protection suits and surgical masks.

He also pointed out that China’s President Xi Jinping met with the Director General of the World Health Organization on January 28 at which time a quicker breakthrough research of vaccines for the virus was highlighted.

He said at the meeting experts and researchers were urged to work together in the process and social organizations to be encouraged to participate in the fight.

According to the statistics announced by Chinese health authorities on January 30, 2020, there were around 8,152 confirmed cases of pneumonia and 171 deaths caused by the coronavirus, which had been reported in 31 provincial-level regions in China and some foreign countries


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