Christian Association won’t adopt any presidential candidate - Official

APA-Abuja (Nigeria)

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) will not endorse any presidential candidate in the forthcoming election, but recommended credibility and integrity as its choice.

The President of the group, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, urged Nigerians to vote according to the leading of the Holy Spirit and their consciences.

The Presidential election, along with National Assembly election will hold on 16 February.

CAN made its position known in a statement signed by Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, the Special Assistant, Media and Communications to the CAN president.

Ayokunle said CAN is for God and His people and is apolitical, non-partisan and impartial.

“Our members cut across all political divides and some of them are even contesting for one post or the other, including the Presidential. So, the idea of endorsing any candidate as favourite does not arise.

“We have not and will not endorse any candidate for any elective office in the country,” he said.

CAN recently held a meeting with 14 presidential candidates in Abuja for briefings on their plans for the nation.

Ayokunle said at the end of the meeting, the association came out with a position not to endorse any of the candidates.

The CAN president said the association recognises Nigeria’s multi-religious and multicultural composition and it is not in denial of these realities.

“However, in our federal system, it is crucial for all constituents to commit to respect the fundamental human rights of other groups as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution as amended.

“It is against this background that CAN raises serious concerns with the candidates over the sustained violent attacks and persecution of the Church in Nigeria today.

“CAN understands that if the principle of good governance (transparency, accountability, equity, inclusiveness and consensus building) are the hallmarks of governance, it would lead to accelerated development and prosperity for the people of Nigeria. This is our sincere desire, hope and prayer,” he said.

He said that the expectation of CAN was that whoever emerges as president and vice-president would address the myriad of critical national concerns and challenges.


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