Mozambique: Cyclone Eloise leaves trail of destruction

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Tropical Cyclone Eloise dumped large amounts of rains on Mozambique at the weekend and triggered severe winds that destroyed thousands of buildings, displaced about 7,000 people and destroyed crops, the country’s relief agency said on Sunday.

The National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction (INGC) said the cyclone destroyed nine schools and damaged about 17 other schools as well as 11 hospitals.

Nearly 6,900 people were displaced after 1,069 houses were completely flattened by the floods and gusty winds while 3,343 other homes were partially destroyed.

According to INGC, 12 people were injured by the cyclone while over 136,000 hectares of crops were destroyed.

The cyclone made landfall in Mozambique on Saturday morning before heading to eSwatini, South Africa and Zimbabwe where it triggered heavy rains.

eSwatini police on Sunday issued an alert on several flooded rivers in the country.


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