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Dakar forum: Senegalese leader urges UN to serve all interests

APA – Diamniadio (Senegal)

For Senegalese president Macky Sall, the inertia of the UN Security Council in the fight against terrorism reflects the failure of the multilateral system.

By special correspondent: Abdourahmane Diallo

 “Terrorism, which is gaining ground on the continent, is not just an African issue. It is a global threat that falls under the primary responsibility of the UN Security Council, which is the guarantor of the collective security mechanism under the United Nations Charter”. 

With these words, President Sall reiterated his call for a greater involvement of world powers in the war against jihadist groups.

 According to the Senegalese head of state, traditional peacekeeping operations have shown their limits. 

Presiding on Monday at the opening of the 8th International Forum on Peace and Security in Diamniadio, on the outskirts of Dakar, he noted that peacekeepers attacked even in their bases without significant means of response, cannot protect populations threatened by terrorists.

 “This is why we must change the doctrine of peace operations that should be updated by clearly integrating the fight against terrorism, including in Africa, in this new philosophy of the United Nations,” he advised.

 Sall is convinced that “the inertia of the UN Security Council in the fight against terrorism is in itself the failure of the multilateral system.” 

He argued that “to inspire confidence and support, it must serve the interests of all...otherwise, it will continue to arouse distrust in some and mistrust in others, and it will end up losing the credibility and legitimacy attached to its authority”.

 To achieve this, the current chairman of the African Union is counting on the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism set up by the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. 

He hopes that it “will be useful in examining major issues such as peace, security, climate, the international financial architecture and the digital space, among others.”

 This year’s Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security is being held under the theme “Africa in the face of exogenous shocks: challenges of stability and sovereignty”.

The forum has drawn delegations from 33 countries.



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