Danish naval patrol kills 4 pirates in Gulf of Guinea - Report

APA – Lagos (Nigeria)

The Denmark’s armed forces has announced that its naval patrol killed four pirates during exchange of fire in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria.

“No Danish soldiers were injured, but five pirates were shot. Four of the pirates died. One was injured,” the Danish military said on Thursday.

The report by Nigeria’s specialized maritime publication, Ships & Ports Ltd, said that the incident occurred on Wednesday when the frigate Esbern Snare, which has been patrolling the area since early November, attempted to board the pirate boat.

According to the report, the Danish forces fired warning shots, and the pirates immediately fired backed.

“The Danish soldiers acted in self-defence and returned fire,” the report said, quoting the statement from the Danish army.

It added that after the shooting, the pirates’ ship sank and the eight pirates were brought aboard the frigate.

The Danish helicopter-equipped frigate and its 175 sailors “are fulfilling an important task by protecting Danish and other commercial vessels in the region,” according to Defence Minister Trine Bramsen.

The Danish Government in March announced it was sending the vessel to patrol the zone, where some 40 Danish ships operate daily.


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