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DRC: Kabila vows to 'support' Félix Tshisekedi

APA - Kinshasa (DRC)

Outgoing President Joseph Kabila has promised to give Félix Tshisekedi all “support” and has called for the formation of a “coalition of progressive forces” around his successor.

Tshisekedi will be sworn-in as the 5th president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, during a ceremony at noon Thursday at the presidential palace in Kinshasa.

Kabila addressed the nation on Wednesday on national television (RTNC), and expressed his “sincere wishes” and “ardent prayers” for the success of Tshisékédi who “now has responsibility for the nation.”

“Let him be assured of being able to count on me, whenever he so wishes and whenever the interests of the country so requires.”

Kabila then called on his compatriots to “massively” support his successor in the same way that they had “accompanied and supported him throughout the past 18 years”, when he led the country.

In support of the new head of state, Kabila advocates the formation of a “coalition” able to stand up “against the predatory forces that have come together, and will always try to come together to take over our natural resources without compensation for our children.”

This coalition will be called upon to “defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country,” stressed Kabila, who added that he was “passing the baton without regret or remorse.”

And for a good reason, he feels he has done “a lot, without claiming to have done everything” during the time spent at the head of the country.

“Despite the imperfections inherent in any human endeavour, the Congo has come a long way and is now on solid ground,” Kabila continued, adding that “despite the harmful activities of the enemies of our people, I have never betrayed my oath. My determination has never faltered!”

President-elect Felix Tshisékédi will be inaugurated in Kinshasa as the 5th President of the DRC since the country gained independence in 1960.

According to RFI, 17 African heads of state were invited to the ceremony.


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