Drug shortage hits Zambia’s public hospitals

APA-Lusaka (Zambia)

Zambia’s public hospitals have been hit by a critical shortage of essential drugs and other medical supplies which the government has blamed on an “overhaul of the drug procurement system”.

According to reports monitored here on Friday, the shortages – which started in October 2021 – have worsened in recent weeks, with some hospitals completely running out of essential drugs and consumables. 

In addition to medicines and intravenous fluids, most hospitals do not have consumables such as syringes, gloves and swabs.

Ministry of Health permanent secretary Lackson Kasonka confirmed the shortages, telling journalists that the situation is due to the ongoing overhauling of the drug procurement system.

He, however, assured the nation that the challenges were being addressed and drug supplies would start normalising by next week.


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