E-commerce: Gainde 2000 boss wants African champions to emerge

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

As a guest of the magazine “Comprendre l’Economie” (Understanding Economics) hosted by Abdou Diaw, the Administrator of Gainde 2000, Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne, insisted on the importance for Africa of having e-commerce champions.

This will allow, according to him, the players to capture the added values of this market and to exist economically.

“The crisis has been a tremendous accelerator for e-commerce”. The Administrator of Gainde 2000 said. A guest of the magazine “Understanding Economics,” under the theme “Online commerce in the context of Covid-19,” Mr. Diagne underscored during his speech the need for the continent to have an African champion, to capture the added values from this market. He argued that this would make it possible to avoid enriching foreign companies to the detriment of local players. “When we open our doors to those from other continents, we will close the door to our own champions. Africa must invent its e-commerce champion because if we don’t, those from other continents will come to capture the added value in Africa. We will be satisfied with the price of the products, allowing the added value to escape,” he added.

He opined that this organization is a strategic issue, because, he recalls, it is impossible to exist economically and make your youth and entrepreneurs exist, if you don’t have a champion.” If in 20 years, we do not have the capacity to create businesses, we will be locked in a vicious circle where we will depend only on bilateral and multilateral aid to survive, while we have the means and the skills to enable our economies to build added values, which can put us in comfort, the years to come,” Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne warned.

Feeling that each year lost without strategic construction is a year that cannot be made up for, the specialist considers that it is the right moment to center the economic debate on this issue, so that each of us makes sure to establish stronger Senegalese businesses, capable of creating others.


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