Elections: Senegal's opposition makes breakthrough, president likely to keep majority

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

The President of the National Commission for the Census of Votes met the press Thursday evening in Dakar, the Senegalese capital.

The provisional results of the July 31 legislative elections, after four days of waiting, have finally been announced. Cire Aly Ba, Chairman of the National Commission for the Census of Votes, put an end to the suspense at the Court of Appeal in Dakar.

Thus, three coalitions out of the eight engaged stand out: 1,518,137 votes for Benno Bokk Yakaar (ruling coalition), 1,071,139 votes for Yewwi Askan Wi (opposition) and 471,517 votes for Wallu Senegal (opposition).

The Les Serviteurs/MPR Coalition received 56,303 votes, Aar Senegal received 52,173 votes, Bokk Gis-Gis/Liggeey received 44,862 votes, Natangue Askan Wi received 25,833 votes and Bunt Bi received 20,922 votes.

In Senegal, the legislative vote is majority in the departments. In other words, the political party that wins, regardless of the margin, wins all the seats at stake. On this basis, 57 seats are allocated to Benno Book Yakaar, 39 to Yewwi Askan Wi and 16 to Wallu Senegal.

Senegalese legislatures are also proportional at the national level. This year, the quotient is 61,526 voters. The calculation made by the National Commission for the Census of Votes gives 25 additional deputies to Benno Book Yakaar, 17 to Yewwi Askan Wi and 8 to Wallu Senegal.

The Serviteurs/MPR, Aar Senegal and Bokk Gis-Gis/Liggeey are each rewarded with one seat. On the other hand, Natangue Askan Wi and Bunt Bi came out empty-handed in these elections.

Overall, Benno Book Yakaar is credited with 82 seats, 56 for Yewwi Askan Wi, 24 for Wallu Senegal, 1 for Les Serviteurs/MPR, 1 for AAR-Senegal and 1 Bokk Gis-Gis/Liggeey. The National Assembly of Senegal has 165 members. A majority is acquired with at least 83 MPs. 

For these legislative elections, the number of registered voters is 7,036,466 and 3,281,583 of them have performed their civic duty. That is to say a participation rate of 46.64 percent. If we consider that 20,697 invalid ballots were counted, 3,260,886 votes were validly cast.


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