Electronic signature caps chain for continuity in dematerialization

APA-Dakar (Senegal)

The Managing Director of GAINDE 2000, Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne, has praised the advantages of dematerialization which, in his opinion, can be applied to all fields of endeavour, including public administration services.

For more than an hour, the Managing Director of GAINDE 2000 discussed the current challenges of the digital sector in Senegal. 

A guest at the digital show «Tech Afternoons», hosted by journalist, Ousmane Gueye, Diagne lists the opportunities offered by dematerialization by giving the example of the creation of single windows. 

He says GAINDE 2000 opted for a single window that made it possible to gather about twenty forms in one. 

“Since 2002, we have entered the era where we have the opportunity to have an electronic form that meets all the requirements of all the jurisdictions that are involved in a formality,” says Diagne. 

According to him, GAINDE 2000 built this transactional single window at the level of foreign trade, of the business creation environment.

 This window appears to be an essential function to enable businesses and citizens to have the documents they need quickly.

In the opinion of the GAINDE 2000 head, the construction of a single window is an accelerating element of dematerialization in some countries. 

For him, those countries need to build a few basic single windows that can solve all the problems, firstly, between administrations and individuals, and secondly, between administrations and businesses. 

«Dematerialization affects everything; there is not a single area of administration that cannot be put into dematerialization. I am in favour of the fact that we need to catch up on the economic gap through these kinds of innovations such as dematerialization,” argues Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne. 

He insists that there is no territory on which dematerialization is not applicable and his requires a proactive, coordinated and coherent national policy.

On another register, the lead administrator of GAINDE 2000 mentioned the electronic signature which, said him, is not a profitable activity in Senegal for the moment. 

"This is because there is very little effective dematerialization. Instead, there is a digital discontinuity, and the market is very narrow. We were forced to develop the electronic signature because we have a community that works with foreign trade actors. It was imperative for us to invest and have an electronic signature that met the legal requirements, explains” Mr. Diagne. 

He also adds that the law had required that certificates be produced in Senegal. 

GAINDE 2000 is in the business of electronic signature by obligation because the company could not make dematerialization without making electronic signatures. 

The signature that GAINDE 2000 offers to its community is valid for all national actors (banks, insurance companies, notaries, individuals, etc.).


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