eSwatini-Sri Lanka-Trade

Envoy puts eSwatini’s trade with Sri Lanka at over $5m

APA - Mbabane (eSwatini)

The new Sri Lanka Ambassador to Eswatini, Mr. Anuruddha Kumara Mallimarathi, has said that the value of Eswatini’s annual exports to Sri Lanka is $5.58 million, while its imports from Sri Lanka are valued at $1.08 million.

The envoy said at the Lozitha Royal Palace on Thursday where
he and six other foreign envoys presented their letters of

“The economic and trade relations that the two countries enjoy have
seen eSwatini exporting goods worth $5.58 million to that country and
importing goods worth $1.08 million from Sri Lanka,” the envoy said.

The other six diplomats were the Czech Republic Ambassador Michal Kral,
Brazilian Ambassador Carlos Alfonso Iglesias Puente, German Ambassador
Martin Schafer, Mozambique Ambassador Jorge Henrique Da Costa Khalau,
UK High Commissioner John Lindfield and Botswana Ambassador Lameck

In their speeches, the Brazilian envoy said that Brazil would bring ethanol 

manufacturing expertise to eSwatini, while the envoy from Botswana said 

that his country would be providing training for both the army and the police 

in eSwatini.


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