Ethiopia arrests 76 individuals over violence during Eid Al Fatir celebration

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ethiopia’s Security and Intelligence Task Force on Monday announced that it has arrested 76 suspects in connection with violence during the 1443rd Eid Al Fatir celebration in Ethiopia’ capital, Addis Ababa.

It said the suspects were the key players in the incident that marred the celebration. No civilian deaths were reported, according to a statement from the government. 

However, some security forces sustained injury although the number was unspecified by the Task Force.  

What the Task Force described as “individuals and groups with a mission to incite violence outside of credence of the religion” incited violence outside of Addis Ababa Stadium, where Eid Salat was organized,  near the Red Terror Martyr Memorial Museum. 

 “Members of the Muslim community headed to the place of celebration in an unprecedented manner and commotion started soon after the celebration was started,” the task force is cited as saying. 

Furthermore, it said that the security and the task force are investigating the cause and that the result of the investigation will be made public. 

For the Task Force, those who attempted to incite violence came to the place of celebration with vengeance and hate and had a clandestine mission from internal and external enemies of Ethiopia. 


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