Ethiopia bans foreign adoption

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ethiopian parliament on Wednesday approved a proclamation banning foreign adoption based on premise that foreign families could not offer suitable environment to Ethiopian children.

The proclamation have been a point of discussion by the national parliament since 2013 after adopting parents in the United States were sentenced to the maximum sentence for starving to death Hana William, a child who was adopted from Ethiopia. 

Members of the parliament expressed mixed reaction on the approval of the country’s amended family proclamation articles 193 and 194, No. 213/2000 which some of the MPs said paved ways for crimes against children.

Some MPs described the move as inappropriate without preparing suitable and adequate child centers. 

The other members back the banning stating as reasons the magnitude and seriousness of the problem. 

In her report to the parliament three weeks ago, Ethiopia’s minister of women and children Demitu Hambissa said well over 25,000 Ethiopian children have been adopted by foreigners over the last 12 years. Foreign adopting parents of 7000 children, however, have not been reporting to Ethiopia and  could not be reached based on their previous contact addresses.

Petros Woldesenbet, Chairman of legal and administrative affairs standing committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (parliament) said the banning would help alleviate the identity and psychological problems of children.

The proclamation will make it impossible for foreigners to adopt a child from Ethiopia, he added.


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