Ethiopia deal looks to tap into Russia nuclear energy

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

As other African countries queue to sign trade and other development deals with Moscow on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit which began in Sochi on Wednesday, Ethiopia has secured peaceful nuclear energy concessions from the Asian giant.

Russia and Ethiopia have signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Press Secretary said in a statement.

The deal creates the basis for cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, including Russia’s assistance in the establishment and development of Ethiopia’s nuclear infrastructure facilities, nuclear and radiation security regulations and physical protection of nuclear materials, radiation sources and nuclear storage sites, the statement said.

The agreement also provides for cooperation in accounting for and control of nuclear materials, radioactive substances and waste, basic and applied research related to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, production of radioisotopes and their use in industries, medicine and agriculture, as well as cooperation in the use of radiation technologies and nuclear medicine and nuclear personnel training.

Russia’s Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation pointed out that the agreement would pave the way for dialogue in the nuclear industry, as well as for the implementation of specific projects. 

A joint coordination committee will be set up to facilitate the two countries’ nuclear cooperation.

Ethiopia and Russia will particularly collaborate in research, expert exchange, the organization of seminars and conferences, and scientific information exchange.

The agreement will also make it possible for the parties to consider the possibility of constructing a nuclear research center in Ethiopia, the statement added.


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