Ethiopia: Nine political parties establish national front

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Nine political parties in Ethiopia on Saturday signed agreement to establish a front named “Ethiopian Unity National Front (National Front)”

Accordingly,  the two national and seven regional ethnonationalist political  organizations that have agreed to establish the front are: Ethiopian  National Unity Congress, Ethiopian Hibrehizeb National Movement, Gambela  Peoples Liberation Movement, Gambela People Justice for Peace and  Development Movement, South Ethiopia Democracy Congress, Agew Democratic  Party, South West Ethiopia Peoples Unity, Sheko and Democratic  Organization, and Argoba Nationality Democratic Movement.

The  parties, in their joint communique, said they decided to establish the  National Front as it is important for the parties to combine efforts for  better results.

The  parties noted that most of them have no significant ideological and  political differences, though they engage in a very fragmented way in  Ethiopian politics.

Ethiopian  National Unity Congress Chairman, Geresu Gessa  said  as Ethiopia has  been experiencing a bad political crisis since 2016, working together  with various political parties has become imperative in order to bring a  sustainable political solution.

Speaking  about the new front to be established, Geresu added that all  differences will be accommodated and mediated in promoting good  political culture within the parties.


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