Ethiopia suffers increased cyber attacks

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Cyber attacks against Ethiopia have increased threefold in the third quarter of the fiscal year (January-March), compared to the first and second quarters, said the country's Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

However, it managed to foil the attacks which mainly targeted key  infrastructures and websites, the Agency said on its Facebook page on  Friday.

There were a total of 488 attempts during the past nine months and most  of the attacks targeted websites (39.9 percent), followed by key  infrastructures (17.6 percent), computer system (17.6 percent), the agency noted.

The announced that the country was repeatedly hit by 256 grand cyber  attacks and its telecommunication, financial institutions and  infrastructures were among the targets of the attacks.

Ethiopia was reportdely one of the 11 African nations targeted by Wanna  Cry ransomware cyber attack two years ago that hit 155 countries  worldwide.

Taking into consideration that the threats will continue in the future,  the agency is working in collaboration with institutions that are at  risk of cyber attacks, the agency said.


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