Ethiopia-National Prayers

Ethiopia to hold national prayers next Saturday

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ethiopians across the globe are urged to take part in a national prayer day to be held on September 6, 2019.

The patrons of the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia have made the call following its announcement after Puagume 1 (September 6, 2019) is designated as a national prayer day.

The religious fathers urged all Ethiopians living in and out of the country to mark the day through prayer regardless difference in religions.

The religious fathers noted that Ethiopians have been known for their peaceful co-existance and welcoming culture, despite their religious and ethnic differences.

They emphasized the need to expand these practices and called on Ethiopians at all level to sustain the culture of tolerance, forgiveness and solving differences through dialogue.

In this regard, the religious leaders urged all Ethiopians living here or abroad to pray for peace and unity of their people and country, in spite of their religious and ethnic background.

They are urged to pray for the prevalence of peace, unity, love and reconciliation in the coming Ethiopian New Year.

Puagume is the last month of Ethiopia, which follows a different calendar from that of the Gregorian calendar.

The Horn African nation has 12 months, each has 30 days, and a 13th month – Puagume – with five days for three consecutive year and six once in every four years.

In addition to the prayer day designated by the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia, the government has plans to mark all the six days of this year’s last month with various topics, in order to light hope among the public in the coming Ethiopian News Year that falls on the 12th of September, 2019.

Accordingly Puagume 1-6 (September 6-11) will be marked as Day of Prosperity, Day of Peace, Day of National Pride, Day of Democracy, Day of Justice, and Day of National Unity respectively.


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