Ethiopian PM briefs MPs on national issues

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed on Friday briefed members of the House of People’s Representatives (Parliament) on current national political, social, and economic issues.

The Prime Minister on the occasion said close to 20 armed and unarmed political parties have returned home from abroad based on the invitation extended by the government.

Most of them were working to build democracy in the country and fulfill their responsibilities of generating new ideas that would help to pull the country out of poverty and promote peace, he told the MPs.

He warned his government would take legal action against political parties that operate in breach of the country’s law.

"Government will never negotiate over sovereignty of Ethiopia" he said adding “the government will take all needed measures against anyone that attempts to ruin unity, peace, and development of the country.”

Responding to questions regarding displacement of people due to conflicts after the reform, he said “we were working to avoid the problem…about 90 percent of the displaced people have now returned back to their villages.”

The Prime Minister also urged students of higher education institutions not to be an instrument for political parties.

“Students are required to generate new ideas, not to create fire by rubbing stones that affects peace in the country” he added.

The Prime Minister further said the year-to-year inflation, which was at 14 percent for the past 15 years on average, has now decreased to 10.3 percent.

The country’s economic outlook is healthy, the Prime Minister said, adding “we need to improve the economy by modernizing the agricultural sector and irrigation in particular

The Prime Minister further said his government has done a successful job in reducing the country’s debt burden and extending repayment period of 60 percent of the loans secured from financiers.

The extension of the repayment period would help to finalize delayed projects and ensure the sustainability of the development.

The cost of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has shown a 60 percent cost overrun due to delays of the project, according to the Prime Minister.

Investors with billions of US dollars are coming to invest in Ethiopia and this would contribute a lot to generate more jobs, he said.

According to the Prime Minister, at least 10 years will be required to address unemployment which currently stands at 10 million.

The Prime Minister further stated that a billion birr project will be unveiled in Addis Ababa soon to attract more tourists.


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