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    EU launches partners project to boost agriculture in Liberia

    APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

    The European Union (EU) Ambassador has disclosed that the “Prosperous Agriculture Roadmap to Nutrition, Entrepreneurship Reinforcing Sustainability (PARTNERS) project is the EU's flagship activity in agriculture in Liberia.

    An official of the EU, Ambassador Helene Cave, stated that this project is the largest single contract the EU has awarded to an implementing partner under the EU Liberia agriculture program.

    Ambassador Cave made the remarks Wednesday at the launching ceremony of PARTNERS held at a local hotel in the Monrovia suburb of Sinkor.

    She indicated that the EU will contribute 12 million Euros out of the total allocation of the 30 million Euros under the EU Liberia Agriculture program.

    According to her, this is a sign of how serious the EU takes agriculture and food security in Liberia. “ The EU has been committed to agricultural development in Liberia since 2003, working and
    coordinating with the government in building resilience for Liberians,” Ambassador Cave added.

    She stressed that agriculture is one of the four focal sectors of the EU cooperation in Liberia for the period 2014 to 2020, together with governance , education and energy sectors considered as a priority by the new government's Pro-Poor Agenda sponsored by President George

    She asserted that agriculture is the key sector for economic development in the country, noting that agriculture provides employment to a large number of Liberians which employs 67 percent
    of the labour force.

    She noted that Liberia at present remains dependent on the imports of food and a lot of Liberians are still food insecure which remains difficult to understand, taking the climatic and geographical
    situation of the nation.

    The EU Ambassador explained that PARTNERS Project is so important for Liberia, as it links commercial agricultural development with improving food security and nutrition in those regions in country where it is most needed.

    She disclosed that the project will also focus on five value chains, specifically, targeting food security and nutrition which aims to improve the lives and livelihoods of 6,600 farmers from 220
    communities in seven counties.

    She maintained that the EU will support the government's pro-Poor agenda by directly targeting those Liberians who are most in need, thereby boosting economic growth and increasing food production.


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