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Experts discuss impact of climate change on Africa’s security

APA – Rabat (Morocco)

The fourth edition of the Africa Security Forum kicks off Monday in Rabat, Morocco under the theme "The impact of climate change on security in Africa."

The three-day event which is placed under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, is focused on three major aspect, namely "Demographic Growth and Agricultural Development", "Food Security and Water Management," and "Anticipating Tomorrow's Solutions".

Hundreds of high-level personalities and government representatives from 35 African countries and 400 participants from the other continents are expected to find solutions to curb the adverse impacts of climate change on food security, terrorism, development, and biodiversity, etc. that grips the continent.

Kenyan international public policy expert Katra Sambili urged African leaders to help mobilize our resources to address the challenges of climate change.

“We have to collaborate and find solutions to African problems,” she said, stressing the urgent need of “taking action” through “joined and concerted efforts”.

She also reckoned that “resilience come up with appropriate strategies”, in the face of increasing droughts and floods in the continent.

As the African population is estimated to reach 2 billion by 2050, the continent’s resources are expected to go shrinking.

For Mrs Sambili, member of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta's Cabinet, if no adaptive solution is taken now, the drastic consequences of climate change will lead to drinking water shortage, poor agricultural output, greater exposure to pollution, etc.

The Kenyan food security Director therefore called for more investment in infrastructure, and agriculture through affordable fertilizers.


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