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French tech to tackle Rwanda fuel scarcities

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

The French company, Rubis with a worldwide reputation in the petroleum trading operating in Rwanda has come up with a diversified solution to reduce the scarcity of fuel in the country.

The new technology blends oil with gasoline to provide an additized fuel, which according to the Rubis officials will increase power and fuel economy at no extra cost.

The Executive Director, Jeanine Kayihura, said the company has come up with new Ultra Tech that will help the car owners who were struggling with high prices of oil to buy at minimum prices.

 “This is a great day for RUBIS Energy Rwanda as we are the first to bring this service to the Rwandan market. In the last three years we have bought Kobil and we have decided to upgrade our performance to better service,” she said.

“Ultra tech reduces its consumption and reduces its emissions,” she said adding that, “That’s why we are happy to launch it and the fuel is coming at a reasonable price.”

Kayihura noted that the service was offered to customers after they discovered the concern of rising fuel prices.

Rubis Energy has branches in East and Central Africa. 

The company has also bought Konel Kobil, a company that also sells petroleum products with branches in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia.

In the last six months, Rwanda has seen prices of petroleum hike up due to instability on the oil market caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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