Gabon: After coup attempt, state radio demands more security

APA-Libreville (Gabon) by Isaac Mackanga

Radio Gabon and Gabon 1ère and the national television have called for greater security for the Georges Rawiri House (the building housing the two state media institutions), following the storming of the premises by heavily-armed soldiers who attempted to overthrow Ali Bongo’s government early on Monday.

“We are demanding that the state increase the security around the building, because our lives were seriously endangered when the military broke in. This is the third act in two years. This is not acceptable,” declared the deputy general secretary of the Union of Communication Professionals (SYPROCOM) Patrick Nzoghe Bekale.

Bekale was speaking when Gabon’s Prime Minister visited Georges Rawiri House on Tuesday after the putsch was foiled.

A Republican Guard commando, Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang, led the group that broke into the radio station Monday at 4am (3am GMT), and demanded to issue their statement, which they did.

Latest reports are that one of the mutineers and a gendarme died in the process, and seven of those involved were arrested, including Lieutenant Obiang.


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