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Gabon: Finance house unions on three-day strike

APA - Libreville (Gabon)

The federation of tax, customs, hydrocarbon and treasury collectors in Gabon have embarked on a three-day preventive strike beginning on Wednesday.

The Federation of Collectors of Financial Authorities (FECOREFI) decided on crippling these strategic sectors at the end of its General Assembly on Tuesday, October 20.

 According to the general secretary and spokesman, Sylvain Ombindha Talheywa III, the point of no return has been reached.

“Three months after the submission of the specifications, no favorable response has been given to our demands. This time we say enough is enough and announce the total closure for three days. If nothing is done, then the strike continues,” the FECOREFI general secretary warned.

 FECOREFI had presented its demands in a platform filed on July 13. 

It among other things called for the regularization of the administrative situations of agents, the publication of the results of the audits of the workforce and bonuses carried out in 2018 as well as the organization of tripartite meetings between the presidency, the government and social partners. 

The trade union organization said it was left with no other option but to harden its fight for the authorities to meet these demands.

 “As of October 21, we are going to totally close the workplaces with the chains in order to stop all activity. We will go as far as the port of Owendo and everything must be closed. We cannot be those who collect and die of hunger, which is why we demand the publication of financial audits,” Sylvain told the Gabonese Press Agency.




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