Gabon: Morocco launches 3rd caravan on endo-urological pathologies

APA - Rabat (Morocco)

The Moroccan Association of Endo-urology (AMEU) launched on Sunday in Libreville, the 3rd South-South medical-surgical caravan on the pathologies of endo-urology, vaporization of the prostate and surgery of erectile dysfunction.

Initiated in collaboration with the Gabonese Ministry of Health, this caravan, the third of its kind on Gabonese soil, is part of the strategy to bring medical services closer to the population, particularly the poor, in order to help them benefit from new techniques in urology.

Open to all suffering patients, children, women, men and the elderly, this caravan, which will continue until 15 July, will allow the practice of transurethral resection of the prostate, via the bipolar and vaporization technique, as well as the fragmentation and elimination of bladder stones by laser.

The objective of this operation is to bring new technologies in the field of urology to Gabon, in particular minimally invasive surgery, knowing that this caravan will serve as a framework for sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and providing continuing education to local urologists.

In addition to the purely medical intervention, this caravan will be marked by the organization of conferences on the novelties and innovations in the field of urology, the use of medicinal plants including cannabis and its therapeutic virtues and the Iboga plant and the possibility of planting it in Morocco knowing that this plant exists only in Gabon.

The organization of this 3rd edition is an example of South-South cooperation.

Created in 2012, the Moroccan Association of Endo-Urology (AMEU) is managed by Moroccan and international urologists in addition to trainee urologists.

Chaired by Rabii Redouane, Professor of Urology, AMEU plays an important role in the scientific field. In tune with the evolution of all urological practices in the world, the Association is a leader in the innovation of new techniques and their introduction in Morocco.

The AMEU often organizes medical and surgical caravans for the benefit of the underprivileged, as well as campaigns to raise awareness of organ donation, the prevention of urinary lithiasis and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


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