Gabon: Three Bongo allies axed in cabinet reshuffle

APA – Libreville (Gabon) By Isaac Mackanga

The Gabonese cabinet led by Prime Minister Julien Nkoghe Bekale has undergone a reshuffle on Wednesday with three close allies of President Ali Bongo axed.

The changes to the cabinet sees the arrival of the Mayor of Libreville, Rose Christiane Osssouka appointed minister of National Defense and Territorial Security.

The new cabinet entrant replaces Etienne Massard Kabinda Makaga, believed to be a close ally of President Bongo.

Similarly, Ali Akbar Onanga Y'Obegue, another close ally to the head of state, has been replaced by Biendi Maganga Moussavou, a son of the vice president who is a member of the moderate opposition.

Christian Magnagna, another close ally of Bongo, leaves the Mining ministry, a position now entrusted to the young Tony Ondo Mba.


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