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    Gaindé 2000 launches Senegal’s first e-payment system

    APA-Dakar (Senegal)

    The Senegalese company Gaindé 2000, in partnership with commercial banks and financial institutions, has set up a platform called “Orbus Payment”, which offers the first concentration of e-payment methods in Senegal.

    The different operators and means of payment present on the platform include Post Cash, UBA, Wari, JONI JONI, Money Orange, Tigo Cash, Master card and Visa card.

    Gathering all the payment methods that exist in Senegal in order to facilitate online business transactions, Orbus Payment has installed as a payment device that can work in an integrated or autonomous way.

    The device also focuses on a wider range of payment methods and provides a wide, secure and modular acceptance network.

    “Orbus Payment” is consolidating the digitization dynamic initiated by GAINDE 2000 with platforms allowing the digitization of work processes, electronic signature and preservation of e-documents.

    Dedicated to transactions between private actors, the Orbus Payment platform allows each entity to bill and recover its services without having to build its own platform.

    Orbus Payment contributes to the national development of e-commerce in goods and services.

    With specialization in the facilitation of trade, and digitization of formalities, Gaindé 2000 was created in 2002 thanks to a public-private partnership (PPP).

    Its mission is to develop and exploit the Orbus Single Window to facilitate foreign trade formalities.


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